Looking out from "The Den"

           Canadians are believed to 'hibernate' during the winter months.  The 'crazy-bad'
           weather that was predicted, still has not arrived.  The ground changes from white
           to green and back again, with temperatures climbing and dropping on a whim.
           We have been inside more than usual even though the snow and cold have not
           caused any travel or power outage problems so far.

           Chris has progressed from using a walker to a cane but it is safer to exercise indoors.
           So we joined the YMCA of Goderich-Huron, Maitland Recreation Centre.  We
           have been walking the track there and using the bikes a minimum of three times a
           week.  Chris goes for physio weekly and the Public Health Nurses have been visiting
           to monitor his progress, which is slow but constant.

           It is comforting to sit over a bowl of oatmeal and mug of coffee watching the wildlife
           out in the snow, even if the sunshine has been scarce.  One morning I witnessed a
           Hawk zoom by the window, grab a chickadee and head to the woods.  No birds
           returned to the yard for almost three weeks.  Indoor plants and blooms
           certainly brighten up 'the den'.

                             We came out of hibernation to enjoy a birthday party in Bayfield.

          There are many group hikes organized around the Huron Region.  Neighbour and
          friend Linda and I were lucky to get a gorgeous sunny day for our hike at Falls 
          Reserve, Maitland Valley.

                  Of course cooking up pots of soup and stew, baking bread and jams with winter
                  fruits are indoor activities that I enjoy.  D&M gifted us a Tom Tomson iconic
                  painting "West Wind" 1000 piece puzzle for Christmas.  It is the most challenging
                  puzzle I have ever done and it ate up hours of my January, in a good way!

                                                       Clementine preserves

                I will leave you with a few images of an ice storm that cramped the plans for
                many New Year's Revelers.  HAPPY 2020 NEW YEAR! 


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