June rolls into July

            Moving slowly through Covid Times....


           Thanks for the cameo "Rhubarb Queen Linda" 


Hello Poppies

    Unexpected backyard visitors....


Pileated Woodpecker drills two holes in a pine
tree and feasts on ant colonies while we watched 
over a twenty minute period!

         The Raccoon visited the recycling bin, bites beer cans and licked them clean!
                  "The Fly" escapes from a movie set to our yard and I hear his tiny voice calling 
                  "Help Me! Help Me!
           Note the dust on the Iris. As seen in previous posts, we have a Spring Gold Rush here 
           every year where every surface gets coated with a thick layer of yellow pollen from
           the forest.  Everything outside has to be hosed down and indoor cleanup requires
           diligent dusting and vacuuming.

             A few weeks after the pollen falls, a bucket load of "Rice Krispies" fill every nook
             and crannie.  Next will be the needles and pine cones.  fyi: The male "pine cones" 
             produce the pollen that floats up the tree to fertilize the female cones above. Once
             the process is complete the male "pollen cones" fall off the trees. Preppers and 
             survivalists use all parts of pine trees for nutrition.  I do not think I will be dining
             on a bowlful of male pine cones for breakfast any time soon.   apocolypseninja.com

                       Our backyard House Wren Couple sing throughout the day and dine on
                       insects.  They are currently feeding their noisy brood in our new birdhouse.



                          There is no shortage of insects!


           Calling all Bees!

                                             Peonies performed poorly this year.
             The many local farmers depend on rain for a productive harvest.  We have enjoyed a
             couple of delicious rain storms.



                         News from the Island: Flora Celebrates ONE Year on the planet! 

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