She beckons 365 days a year.



                   No matter what season, Algonquin Park has one of the loudest calls of 
                   the wild in Ontario.  
                   In 1893, Algonquin became the first Provincial Park in 
                   Ontario.  Since then, "as an increasingly important refuge from our busy,
                   urban way of life, Algonquin's 7,635 square kilometers of forests, bogs, 
                   lakes and rivers serve as an important living link with a vanishing past."
                                                                                                                          park guide
                 Some people come for the Canoeing, Kayaking, Fishing and Camping.

              Some people come for the trails, walking, hiking, biking and scenic drives.


                        Some people come for the history and learning.
                   Algonquin offers many programs covering the early development of the park,
                     its Indigenous peoples, logging, conservation, artists, geology, forest, water and 
                     species management and conservation issues.  Some of those attractions include
                     Historic sites like the Logging Museum, Visitor Centre, Interpretive Trails, 
                     Art Gallery, Discovery Programs and Cache Lake Historic Site.

restored forestry cabin
The Group of Seven were inspired by Algonquin.

                                                I learned that there are Moose and Bears in the park! :)

                                  Because of Covid, museums and programs were closed but of course,
                                  masked shoppers, in limited numbers, could purchase souvenirs in the
                                  two shops.  The Outfitters were open for rentals.

                                      cute sign in Henrietta's Bakery just outside the park

                                  Some people come for the Flora and Fauna.

                          Beavers are given credit for creating shallow lakes that form Bogs over 400
                          years ago.  Sedge plants create floating mats for various aquatic plants and
                          the beavers keep the central waters flowing to this day.

                                       Hey, have you seen the rest of my tail?
A few tough turtles had not gone down into the mud for winter yet.

     "glowing" Asparagus at the Lodge

                                  Leatherleaf, Sweet Gale and Labrador Tea reach for the sun in the bog.
                              The Moose head hangs in Killarney Lodge.  This was our first trip where
                              we did not see any Moose out foraging in the park.  Constance and I
                              were out for a drive one evening, hoping to spot wildlife.  We saw a
                              wolf heading in to the bush but he was quite far away.  We enjoyed the 
                              beautiful star studded sky but rushed back into the car as we heard
                              footsteps crashing through the woods nearby.
                              heading back to the lodge we came across a very tragic and shocking
                              scene.  A Moose lay dead in our lane on the highway and we saw the
                              Mother watching from a hillock on the opposite side of the road.  She
                              slowly turned away into the forest.  Whomever had struck the Moose had
                              left the scene of the accident. 
                              We called a number of emergency services until we connected with the 
                              OPP who sent help to deal with the Moose.  Constance had very aptly
                              slowed and avoided the body that lay totally across our lane and stretched
                              into the oncoming one.  At the bottom of  hill in the pitch black night, the
                              tragedy was in a very dangerous location for oncoming cars. 
                              Both distraught, it took a long while to process the event.  Seeing that
                              magnificent animal, lying dead after innocently following its Mother 
                              was devastating.  
                              As the saying goes "the animal was not crossing the road, the road was
                              crossing the forest!" Muhammad Ali

                          Some people come for the forests, trees and rock.

    the little tree that could

                                          intrepid tree root posing as a medieval beast

                                                  Many trees and mighty branches have sadly been removed
                                                        so roads can be widened to accommodate tour buses. :(

                                      Spruce "nurseries" crowd the forest floors

                                                 Is that your crazy root or are you just happy to see me?

                              Some people come to spot and watch the birds.

                                                Great Blue Heron
White Crowned Sparrow

                                                    wood-duck :)
                                      Tufted Titmouse

                                                    Eastern Meadowlark
                                                   Red Capped Sparrows
                                            Blue-winged Teal Duck
                                             Killarney  lodge provides ground corn to feed the ducks.

Gray Jay

Canada Geese
                                                                     Spruce Grouse

                          Some people come for relaxation, solitude and inspiration.

                   time to reflect
                      shuffleboard anyone?
a typical Covid gathering

                             Some people come for the lakes, rivers, bogs and ponds.


                                    Some people come for the photography.      



 ready for her selfie

                       In October, when Constance and I were there, many people come
                    to Algonquin for the COLOURS and Autumn 2020 was stupendous!


                                 Obviously, I go to Algonquin for all of the above and more.
                             My experiences are enriched with my personal tour guide, 
                             friend Constance with her extensive knowledge of the park.
                             Each visit to Algonquin Provincial Park fills my soul with 
                             memories that will last forever. 
                             Hope to meet you on a hiking path there one day.

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