Marching into Spring

                 March came in like a lamb and we were treated to two weeks of an
                  early "Teaser Spring".  Everyone knew that the cold winds and likely 
                  snow would blow in again but the weather was warm so "seized the days"
                  we did.  Many folks pulled out the lawn chairs, began the garden chores, 
                  drove with the top down, dined outside and tossed aside parkas and snow
                  boots for outdoor activities. 
                  In these "covid-days" of limited socializing, we all got our hopes up for 
                  socially-distanced porch visits, strolls along a beach and imbibing on
                  outdoor patios again.

                 We did have a beautiful, winter with snow-a -plenty!

snow on the shed covers most of the weather vane


                                                          Bayfield's harbour iced in

                                                                snow sundae
                                                      many grey days ruled the winter

                     Deer, Wild Turkey, Squirrels, Coyotes and Rabbits invited us to follow
                   their tracks.


                 Sunshine was always welcome, casting cerulean shadows and setting
              glistening gems upon the drifts.


                         When the temperatures warmed up a major melt began.  Roof snow 
                       began to slide and eventually crash to the ground, icicles grew, and 
                       grew and grew!

                                              Clinton's Victorian homes had the best icicles

                      There were other events happening here at home and in our local town
                    of Bayfield over the winter.
                           Bayfield fishing boat almost lived up to its name "Last Time" when it sunk in
                                         the harbour due to ice.  It was recovered the following day. 

                                      giant Mammoett crane resided in Bayfield for about a month,
                                            the red behemoth raised the new bridge arches

                                    demolition of the old bridge/new construction began last spring
                                   the new bridge arches look so tiny in relation to the giant crane
   view from the harbour

       We had blooms throughout the winter as our four Amaryllis exploded with colour.         


                   Our garage build happened in January, February, March. (see next blog)

                     I had a few successful baking adventures...

                                                     Dutch Baby pancake

                                                         cinnamon rolls proving 

               I make many veggie dishes too but the best photos seem to happen at the market

                                                found a Muppet in my bag of potatoes
                                                          chicken pot pie
                                                   anatomically interesting Yorkshire puds

                                                watching an egg poach

                     I enjoyed a fair bit of time in the studio this winter.....

                                           local town of Clinton asked for volunteers
                                          Clinton Lumber supplied free 4'x4' or 4'x8' plywood
                                      I decided to portray realistic and stylized versions of garden flowers
                                           works go to the "Beautify Clinton" initiative
                                                   the murals will be displayed in the Spring

                     My friend Constance gifted me a Gothic wooden house kit for my B-day.
                   I enjoyed the build, like doing a puzzle (it came with no instructions)
                   Taking Dani's suggestion, I painted and decorated the exterior as a
                   gingerbread house.  I gathered various items to create the interior, 
                   suitable for the mice that will live there.  Mom and Dad always planned 
                   on creating a "Mouse House" so this is for them.  It will be a Christmas             
                   ornament and hopefully Christmas 2021 will see Finn and Flora playing
                   with the mice.


the mice will put up the Christmas tree next November
                 Bayfield is working on the conversion of an empty building in town into an
               Arts Centre that will host shows, workshops and creative events.  To raise
               funds, they asked local artists to donate a 12"x12" image, in any media, of
               an Ontario barn for the Spring Show "Year of the Barn".  I chose a photo I 
               snapped last year of a row of freshly shorn sheep who were lined up and
               gazed towards the camera as if they thought I was paparazzi.  The image
               was completed in coloured pencil and mounted on the acrylic canvas. 
               "Just Shorn" is my twist on a 'Barn on a Barn Quilt'.


                         I also rearranged, purged and organized the studio.  I wrote five blogs
                       bringing the total up to fifty.  I did two puzzles and made five glass 
                       vase bird-butterfly towers as gifts.

                                                             thanks Chris

thanks Linda & Jeff

      I believe that I lassoed the frustration I had over not seeing the family again
    this Christmas and utilized it on projects in the studio and by shoveling snow.
The steady stream of texts, photos, face-times and videos from Australia
warmed our hearts and carried us through winter.

                                                 Pretzel aka glamour girl

                                           Al takes Finn, Salty and Pretzel to play at the river.

                                                   Finn begins Preschool, 2 days per week
                                                 Happy Fourth Birthday Finn!
 of course there was dinosaur cake
                                              Amazing cake Mumma-Dani

                                             there was a little girl and she had a little curl.....
                                                   Feb.14, lots of love in this family!!!
                                                    Salty boy, aka photo king
                                   Congratulations cousin Marilyn, son Dave & partner Henrietta
                                   on the arrival of baby Elizabeth (Lily)

 Dr. Dani holds donated blood from "Blue"
Easter Bunny finds his way to Nana's backyard!

                                          Dani made the best of working on Easter weekend
                                              Pops, Al and Finn ventured up the mountain in Tamworth

                                           gorgeous Easter sunset Easter Saturday, Australia

             So April and her showers have arrived.  Spring?  Bring it on!



                                                  insects are out already


                                               Raccoons are out

                                              Hens n' Chickens out for Easter

                                                     Hope & Promise for All

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